Warehouse HUB

Why pay more costs of a stock than you need? 

With stock HUB, customer pays only for the surface area that is being used. With our strategic location in southern Norrland, BLF manages transshipment for further transportation. 

We are located only an hour from the port of Gävle, which today is Sweden's third largest container-port.  Daily container transport occurs to and from Gävle.

With partners, we assist with customs clearance, customs declarations, etc. 

Distance to Stockholm is no longer than about 2 hours by car and to Sundsvall 1.5 hours by car. 

BLF AB  Växelgatan 15 • 826 40 Söderhamn • Sweden • Org.no 556669-5556

Linn Öström, +46 (0)76-815 93 54, order@blfab.se

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