About us

BLF AB was formed in November 2004 by Ola Perols, Dan Dammbro and Bernt Olsson. The company is based in Söderhamn.  
The first activity consisted of real estate service. 

From October 2005 the business has grown with lego work and part/final assembly, warehousing, special packaging, purchase, inventory HUB. Owners today is Ola Perols and Bernt Olsson.   

Today we focus solely on full-service logistics management (storage / transportation / webshops) and contract work in our facility in Söderhamn. 

BLF AB  Växelgatan 15 • 826 40 Söderhamn • Sweden • Org.no 556669-5556

Linn Öström +46 (0)76-815 93 54 order@blfab.se

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We are members of Mellansveriges Logistiknav